Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday's adlinks

Fascinating insights into the behaviour of the top business brass in IAPI's new Business Media Study as reported in the Business Post. Lots of juicy, but these two caught my eye.
'Business people don’t seem to like online advertising, with 53 per cent saying they were unlikely to notice it'.
That's possibly because, as
Moray MacLennan, CEO of M&C Saatchi Worldwide, says 'users are logging in for communication rather than commerce.'

Also, 62 per cent said they were unlikely to take note of a mobile phone ad. They haven't been exposed to this, then.

How about this to juice up your creativity. No idea who did this, but it is rather excellent. Does Mister Collins agree? From the Chip Shop Awards.

OMG! On the buses was never this funny.

Brendan O'Broin's A to Z of brands and performance in the last year.
From Marketing Magazine.

Group Chairman of BBH on the future for agencies. Hmmm.

But digital will flourish. Wayy!

'With Design Innovations, Digital Platforms and Culture-Busting Ideas, These Shops Were Tops'

America's top ten agencies for '08.

Happy Monday, people of marketing.

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